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Bookmark sample1 sample2 sample3 | manual | down load  
  • You always want the latest bookmarks, right? Then this!
  • Freely increase menus, category and bookmarks.
  • Use this script as a memo to organize your thoughts and it will serve as a tool for new ideas.
  • If you set this page as your browser's home, your internet life may be 1000 times more convenient.

Shopping System

TheShop2 sample | manual | down load  
  • TheShop2 is the shopping website system constructed by following 3 parts.
    1. maze : Material Data-Base.
    2. shop : No-limited material pages with BBS.
    3. cart : Shopping cart.
About Shopping cart.
  • There are smart and useful functions, Menber System and Point System.
  • Easy management systems, Order Management system, Customer Management system, Material Management system are equipped.

Binary Mail Form

Binmail sample | manual | down load  
  • It is able to attach binary files with a e-mail.
  • No limited mount of files to attach with one e-mail.

Upload BBS

forumup Sample | manual | down load  
  • You can upload image files to this forum BBS.
  • When you upload file, automaticaly thumbnail file will be made.

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