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Menu bookmark  This menu frame on the left side of the page is the same regardless of which menu is selected.
You can also freely add this bookmark to the category menu above.

YouTube  You can also write comments in bookmarks like this. The entered url will be displayed as (url) and you can click it to move to the entered url.
You can freely register, edit, and delete in this way, but what about that switch? Actually, it is a head mark link format where the head mark is a link.

  CATEGORY category (url)
Bookmark  Click the head mark to register, edit, or delete.
(+)if menu title.
Other are circle or square.

Stylesheet  If you enter the url in the comment, the link destination will be displayed as a mark. Like this (url)
Tag Index
Study CGI  When you write a link in a comment, you can continue to write it between Japanese, but in English, there must be a space between the link and other characters. Put a space or return between the links.

How to create new category and bookmark  To add a new category, click the category headmark link.

To add a new bookmark, you can add it either from the category or from the bookmark's headmark link.

Set this page as your browser's home and use it.

This bookmark is password protected, but you may want to consider protecting the site itself with a password to be more secure.

Various functions  You can freely increase menus and bookmarks.
The category column can also be set freely.
The initial skin has 3 columns, but edit the skin to reduce the columns. Set by default to increase the number of columns.

 Actually, you can write only comments without bookmarking like this. Oh, how convenient is it?

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