BOOKMARK Would you like to easily edit your favorite bookmarks on your browser?
  • You always want the latest bookmarks, right? Then this! Favorite bookmark script.
  • ookmark registration editing, menu creation editing, category creation editing, all work is completed on the browser.
  • Basically, all CGI are free to use for your personal use.

2.Sample and download

  • #! /usr/bin/perl
    Set the Perl path. This is a common example. If you are unsure, ask your server administrator.

  • Upload the downloaded and unzipped folder to the server.
  • Set the permissions for each file and folder.

    img img holder [705]
    logs log file holder [707]
    bookmark2.cgi CGI file [705]
    bookn_.cgi CGI file [705]
    HTM_index.html skin file [604]
    lock lock holder [707]

6. How to start
  • After uploading as a folder and setting permissions, access bookmark.cgi?act=pageview and start working.
  • Click the head mark to register, edit, or delete. (+)if menu title.Other are circle or square mark.
  • You can freely increase the number of menus and categories. If you like it, tell your friends about BOOKMARK.