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TheShop2 is made by following 3 parts. Shop is the one part of TheShop2. Manual_TheShop2
  • Maze is directory type search engin, it is Reffeler type ranking script, and it is able to construct huge data base. Manual for Maze
  • Shop offers shopping window in web like real shop. Manual for Shop
  • Cart is the shopping cart. Manual for Cart
What are Shop, The Shop, and Maze?
  • [Maze] is data base, [Shop] is a pages written about material and it has edit mode [Design Editor].
  • Possible to create unlimited mount of material pages in each maze category.
  • It is very easy to edit layout of material page or chenge item using Design Editor by browser.
  • Material page has smart BBS pssible to up load picture files.
  • Including material page and BBS and maze, all page are made by simple HTML files, so Robot will do nice job about your website.
Out line of Shop
  • Shop means shop in the internet, introduction page about an item on sale are made in many categories.
  • If too many pages were made in one maze category, next arrow mark will be apper to go next page.
  • Shop is made by 2 section, top page and BBS page.
  • If too many BBS articles were written, same as maze, next arrow mark will be apper to go to next page.
  • Shop city name is tokyo in prefference, possible to change the name after too many item were registed.
Design Editor
  • It is asy to edit comment about item after regist in this edit mode using browser.
  • Almost HTML skin tags are editable in Design editor.
  • You can make new skin set, or edit or delete or save.
  • Each item page has BBS for word-of-mouth communication.
  • BBS has high quality as blog like.
  • If more and more BBS pages were made, it is possible to make partition by dating. But in fact, untill this dating some years will be passed!
  • RSS file will be made, after article were written.
  • All BBS page are simple HTML file like as maze directory pages.
Mail form
  • Link to mail form for order.
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