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1 Introduction
TheShop2 is made by following 3 parts.Cart is the one part of TheShop2.Manual_TheShop2
  • Maze is directory type search engin, it is Reffeler type ranking script, and it is able to construct huge data base. Manual for Maze
  • Shop offers shopping window in web like real shop. Manual for Shop
  • Cart is the shopping cart. Manual for Cart
What is cartH
  • Cart is written by perl script for shopping cart, using DBM data base.
  • Cart is constructed by next 2 section, Cart Register and Shopping Management.
Cart Register
  • In menber system it is able to get points.
  • Able to set shipping all fixed or each by areas.
  • Play by Cart
    Easy go back to last Item category.
  • It is able to count points include shipping.
Shopping Management
  • Order management
    All order list or Not yet pay list are easy to manage.
  • customer management
    All menber list or email list are easy to manege.
  • Item management
    Maze is also very nice Item database and cart will help management.

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