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Thak you for your down load.
You can open huge-shopping-website with this The Shop2.
The Shop2 is constructed by next 3 parts.

1 maze : Material show window and Material data base.  ->  maze manual
2 shop : Individual material page.  ->  shop manual
3 cart : Shopping cart.  ->  cart manual

You can manage all by your browser
to keep your shop, without any FTP soft.

Allmost view pages are made by simple HTML files, but not shopping-cart.


First step to use TheShop2.
  1. Up load all files and holders keeping as original constraction.
  2. Enter your domain($domain) and password($adminpass)
    ->mazeprf.cgi in maze
    ->binmail.cgi(only domain)
  3. Rewrite top of ID and 2ndID as you want.

    It is difficult to change top ID, after you finish
    to access mazedo10.cgi as next step.

    If you mistake it, or if later you want to modify top category,
    you must to delete all exist real category in hand manualy using FTP soft.

    Top category is very important, so think again and again!
  4. Access to mazedo10.cgi by your browser, automaticaly all top directory will be made.
  5. In this top admin mode, make top page HTML file by clicking [Renewal this page].
  6. Go to Top categry admin page by cliking category name in this admin mode, make category page HTML file by clicking [Renewal this page], same as before. Repeat this untill all top category will be made.
Now finish the first step, another details are written in each Manuals.


These are free soft to use personaly,
but you can not erase links to my site http://pink.obi.ne.jp/.

Thre are two more pay options.

If you want to erase cregit or links to my site,
you need to pay 200.00 dollers for it.

If you want to use it for another website, or for another person,
you must pay more 200.00 dollers.

Please mail me about your any questions.  ->  Contact


v.1.0 1/11/2009

pink@obi.ne.jp (Pay Pal)
Maruyama Toru
made in Japan

Copyright (C) p.ink All Rights Reserved.